The Beaches

Selsey is a large thriving village, which still has it’s own fishing fleet, famous for crabs and lobsters.

Selsey has three beaches.

The East Beach…This is a shelved shingle beach and is also known as the fishermans’ beach and home to the lifeboat station.If you walk east from this beach you get to Pagham Harbour Nature and bird reserve.( approx. 45 min walk from Beach House, along the coastal path)

The Bill…This is the best sand castle beach( and is approx. 5 min walk from Beach House along the coastal path)

West Beach… is the more obviously tidal beach( there are 2 a day in Selsey). At high tide the water literally laps up to the edge of the Beach House sun deck/boundary.…making it ideal for swimming and fishing. At low tide there is an expanse of sand.

Even further west there is a newly created tidal marshland harbour and bird reserve.(around 45 min walk from Beach House)

The beaches are fantastic for dog walking and are a bird watchers paradise. They are relatively quiet year round….So lovely to while away a day with friends and family.